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Hello, welcome to my LJ. This is a place where I post random things about animes, mangas and jmusic. I don't update my personal journal frequently, but you have fun playing with it!

If you use or take something here, please read this...

  1. Don't publish my stuff elsewhere on the net and/or claim it as yours.

  2. Please credit me, linking to my LJ account mixordia.

  3. Brushes, Patterns, etc... are not free for commercial use, is for personal use only.

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Aquarion Songs Collection

I decided post this collection with various Sousei No Aquarion + EVOL songs. I chose especially those that I like more. They are 23 songs (including instrumentals songs). Of course, there are more songs of Sousei because EVOL has not released your soundtrack yet. If you want the complete Sousei OST, try searching on Google.

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